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Hey there! My name is Raivyn & I'm a 25yr
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Hey there! My name is Raivyn & I'm a 25yr old model. I love playing dress up. I'm a great listener and my main goal is to make you smile smiley

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Today was such an interesting day thus far! I barely could get out of bed this morning because I kept thinking about you. I know that you're going to be calling me later but as soon as I started to think about you my pussy began to get so wet that I couldn't even control myself. My bed was so soft and comfortable and I felt my body at a total ease. Outside the rain hit my bedroom window at a heavy rate just as the juices from my pussy poured out just as heavy and as just as fast as the rain poured. I wanted to wait to touch myself until I heard your voice but I just couldn't contain my desire to cum. I couldn't help but think about how your so good at making me explode as my pussy began to throb and my nipples hardened. I began to rub my hands across my breast and even sucked on my nipple the way you like. I slowly worked my way down to my wet, throbbing pussy and gently rubbed my hand up and down. As I rubbed my pussy I thought about you. I thought about you telling me how you wanted to be inside of me. I then began inserting my fingers into my wet pussy. As my fingers went in and out of my pussy I rubbed on my clit and felt even more juices leave my body. I began to moan which turned me on even more. I pictured you telling me what to do with my hands and before I knew it I began to squirt. It was so good but I wouldn't stop until I climaxed I increased the speed that I touched myself and the faster I went the more my body jerked up and down... “Babbbby” I screamed as I felt my body climax. I didn't want to stop but I just had to get the first climax of the day out of the way. I can't wait to hear from you later! Just the thought of you makes my pussy throb... - Raivyn

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